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Ecco i nostri ospedali
1 Ospedale San BASSIANO - ULSS n° 3 Vicenza 2558
2 I Dottor Clown in servizio presso l'ospedale san Bortolo ASL n° 6 Vicenza 7727
3 Ospedale di Arzignano 1086
4 Ospedale di Belluno 798
5 Ospedale di Noventa Vicentina 736
6 Ospedale di ROVIGO 2242
7 Ospedale Policlinico Universitario di Padova 9440
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Care and Share India 06 novembre alle ore 15.41 ------------------------------------------ Hello everyone. I just returned from India. The children are doing wonderful and it was so nice to spend some time with them. Most urgently we are in need of sponsors since we have over 100 unsponsored children and 80 that have not fullfilled their commitment. If you or anyone you know would like to sponsor a child, please visit the website www.careshareworld.org