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RAJ a Bruxelles a Rappresentare l'Italia in coppia con una ragazza

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Dear All,

From now on i will be sending you information about the next nice-meeting ‘Circus Moves On’ from 1-4th November 2018 in Leuven, Belgium.

In this episode: Participants, finance and travel

Chapter 1: Participants

From now on you can start looking for participants (if you haven’t got the already)

If there is a national Circus umbrella in your country the selection of participants will be done in collaboration with this Umbrella organization.

For the profile of the participants we are looking for

- a mix of managers, trainers, trainers/managers (role and position) an young starters within youth


- a mix of gender and age (-25 years/ +25 years)

- a basic level of English

- Please try also to get participants from different youth organizations in your country

Each partner can bring 3 or 4 participants (travel info in attachment)

Please ask your participant to fill out the online Participants Application form https://goo.gl/forms/Vw71UAGKrQXauN532

as soon as possible. On the 15th September 2018 all participants should have done this.

Please do not send the link for the Application form to non-participants, we want to avoid dummy-subscriptions…

Chapter 2: Finance

Originally we would ask 50 euro participation fee from each participant, after checking the finances we decided 30 euro should be enough (and is actually the budget we need to hire a bike for each participant)

We would deduct the participation fee from the travel reimbursement to simplify the administration

If the partner organization books the travel tickets they should collect the participation fee from the participant (if not the partner organization is paying for the participation fee by not getting the full travel reimbursement)

Travel reimbursement: we will reimburse train ticket, flight tickets and transport via car up to the sum of 180 or 225 euro depending on the distance band of the partner organization (see document in attachment)

Chapter 3: Travel

If you have your participants please ask them to fill out the online Participants Application form, https://goo.gl/forms/Vw71UAGKrQXauN532

once we have the application you (or the participants) can book the travel tickets.

Please keep all travel tickets and receipts, we need them

A extra information I put the draft schedule and project outline in attachment

Enjoy the rest of the summer, the next episode will follow in the second half of August.


CIB mail

Jonas Van Soom

Artistiek Coördinator Cirkus in Beweging


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