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To build a strong capacity, in
communities of all faiths, that
actively implements the gospel of
service, by empowering and caring
for vulnerable groups of people.
A just society, in which communities
fully involve and care for vulnerable
groups of people, through the spirit
of love and solidarity, thus ensuring
integral human development for all.
St. Martin CSA is a religious
grass root organisation,
registered as a trust, which
has been started in response
to the problems of several
vulnerable groups of people in
the communities, who seemed
to have been neglected and
forgotten. The organisation
does not directly target the
beneficiaries. But instead, it
aims to promote solidarity in
the community by building a
capacity of volunteers that can
take care of the needy among
The work of St. Martin CSA,
in fact, is done through a
network of more than 1000
community volunteers who
are recruited from different
communities. They undergo
a process of spiritual and
technical formation so that
they are empowered to make
real changes in the lives of the
beneficiaries. They also learn
how to involve other people in
the community.
Our Father
remove from us selfishness
and make us ready to give freely
since we freely received.
Jesus our brother
let us follow your example
in caring for the needy
always remembering that the
greatest is the one who serves more
and the first is the last of all.
Spirit of Love bind us together
against the one who tries to divide
and grant us forgiveness and mercy.
We thank you Lord
for the joy of sharing with the poor
and for the healing of our hearts.
St. Martin CSA and
L’Arche Kenya are
implementing a joint
3 years project (March 2018-
April 2021) aimed at enhancing
the institutional, programmatic
and financial sustainability.
The project has 6 domains
of growth/development:
management and governance,
strategic planning, information
and communication technology,
communication and visibility,
development approach and
resource mobilization. Each of
the domains is implemented as a
Having guests is a way
of St Martin CSA to
renew and refresh its
commitment to the service
of the vulnerable. This is
because, the guests helps us
to share and to re-evaluate our
calling while responding to the
many questions they ask. The
organization was privileged to
receive local and international
guests. We had a moment to
share experiences and also to
interact with them.
Amongst the guests we
subproject by multidisciplinary
team drawn from L’Arche Kenya
and St. Martin CSA with the
support of the funding partner
and Fontana Foundation- Italy
an associate of St. Martin CSA.
This project funded by Fondation
Assistance Internationale –
Italy, will enable St. Martin
CSA and L’Arche Kenya to
build and sustain a new desired
state in light of emerging needs
in the community in a dynamic
received for a month or two
were 3 different religious
congregations; 3 novices from
Sisters of Mary Reparatrix, 6
postulants from Dimesse Sisters
and 2 novices from the Mill Hill
brothers, we were happy to take
part in their formation process.
Through the interaction with
the vulnerable, they are able to
further discern on their calling
and mission in life. Through the traineeship
programme, we received
6 community worker trainees
joining the organization for a
period of one year. These are
young certificate and diploma
holders who are exposed to
different experiences with the
vulnerable and the different
working environment. It was such a special moment to
have the board, management
committee and the staff together
for a joint retreat. With the
theme: “my story my call”. It
was such a beautiful moment to
reflect on how we all began our
journeys of life and the effect it
have in the lives of others.
During our preparation
to go to the missions,
we were told that
our mission was to go, see,
experience, and be ready to
become “unworthy servants” (Lk
17: 7-10). However, at that time
we were not able to understand
the real meaning of those words;
When we left Italy in 2014,
we were ready to start a new
chapter of our life working with
vulnerable people away from
home. All we knew was that it
would be different, that just as
far as the distance, so would the
culture, language and life style.
Thank God we went as a family,
at least we had each other to turn
to when the going got tough.
The children mingled easily
with local children, welcoming
new friendships with simplicity
without fearing the differences in
colour or language. This opened
doors of friendship ushering us
into a wonderful new world of
close relationships. We mingled
with the volunteers in their work,
joined community celebrations
full of songs and dance, built
houses out of wood and mud for
beneficiaries, worshipped with
a wide range of religious sects,
washed dishes, swept dusty
floors, hugged people
over and over again,
walked into virgin
forests... everything that
would comprise heaven.
In the end, we realized
that we were “receiving
a hundred times as much
in return for what we
gave” (Matthew 19:29).
We have learnt the truth of Jean
Vaniers words that: “we are not
called by God to do extraordinary
things, but to do ordinary things
with extraordinary love”. It is
very hard to accept the reality
that time to return to Italy has
come just when we felt so much
at home here.
Thank you Nyahururu, thank
you Kenya.
Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end. They
simply mean we’ll miss you
untill we’ll meet again!
The Community Programme
for Peace and Reconciliation
is implementing a 1 year
project on Governance with specific
emphasis on Public Participation.
The project targets to build
the capacity of the community
volunteers, leaders of organized
groups (people with disabilities,
people living with HIV, youth and
women in special vulnerability) so
that trough them, awareness can
be created in the community for
the public to play their rightful
role in making decisions that affect
their lives in governance.
So far the programme has trained
97 volunteers and 28 group
leaders. Trained volunteers and
leaders developed action plans that
are being implemented through
the mentorship of the staff. It
is evident that despite being a
constitutional provision majority
of the participants are not aware of
their role in governance through
public participation and holding
the duty bearers accountable. This
project therefore has enlisted great interest not only from volunteers but
also the staff and management committee’s members.
“I appreciate St. Martin because it addresses
needs that are felt and relevant to the community,
like this one on governance is timely”.
(local administrator and Programme volunteer Waweru,)
The programme is exploring how public participation can be used to
promote the common good where the poor, the vulnerable and the
marginalized are not only talked about but also listened to and allowed
to contribute and make decisions that affect their life. This could be one
of the pathways to a just society.
“This training has opened my eyes
on how young people
can engaged with the government
as opposed to violence during
elections” Jorum, a youth group
Being in Solidarity with Our Brothers and Sisters In Need:
The Solai Dam Tragedy
We always appreciate to hear from friends.
If you have any questions or you wish to
learn more about our organisation please
don’t hesitate to contact us.
St. Martin Catholic Social Apostolate
P.O. Box 2098-20300 Nyahururu, Kenya
Email: Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo.
Phone: +254 (0)65 32243/32098
Mobile : +254 720 853 412
The 10th of May was a
sorrowful day for the locals
in Solai Nakuru County
after the Patel Dam broke overnight
sweeping over the whole village,
destroying homes, farms and even
worse killing over 40 individuals.
This left the survivors struggling
with no shelter, food clothing or
anyone to turn to. This created an
opportunity for St Martin CSA to
offer a helping hand having been
the second time to visit the area
after a fact finding visit.
On arrival at the site, we were in
absolute shock, schools, shops,
farms and homes were completely
destroyed leaving no evidence of
there ever being a village.
Kenyans from all walks of life were
present with foodstuff, clothing
and other consumables, ready to
help in whatever way they could.
As the Disaster Response Team
had informed our team, there was
a severe shortage of clean drinking
water. We therefore had carried
with us four 5000 litre water tanks
as our donation to the locals and
had a debriefing session with them
so as to help ease their grief.
Having had experienced such a
high magnitude of trauma, it was
evident that the psycho-social
state of the survivors needed to
be addressed. We partnered with
others to assist especially the
children who mainly could not
understand why such an incidence
would happen to the place they
have always known as home.
St Martin CSA feels called to
mobilize communities to work
together in supporting those in
need so as to help ease their burden.
We still are in solidarity with the
Solai Community as they struggle
to overcome the challenges that
were brought about by this tragedy.

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